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Customised products and services

Omya UK has a wealth of experience of providing value added products and services to its customers and suppliers.

The Humber site has at its disposal a variety of equipment and plant machinery specifically for the processing of material blends, repacking of rubber chemicals, and the production of polymer related compounds.

Humber capabilities include:

  • Blending /mixing of powder and liquids
  • Dispersion of liquids into powders – powder damping (dust suppression)
  • Reprocessing – grinding, sieving and micronising
  • Packing and repacking of rubber chemicals
  • Specialist sachet production – low melt bags
  • Ability to develop customer specific predispersions (Multisperse®)

Humber’s services and material blends provide customers with a number of benefits, particularly for their weighing and mixing operations.  These include ease of raw material handling, more efficient weighing processes and quicker and easier product mixing.

A wide range of packaging options

The ability to repackage chemicals into a variety of packaging options gives customers greater flexibility for handling raw materials as well as improved health and safety benefits.

The types of packaging available include drums and large bulk bags to low melt bags with options from 10kgs down to 500gms sachets. 

The versatility of the Humber site means it is able to receive deliveries of raw materials in a number of ways including bulk tanker, bulk bags, IBC’s, drums, and bags.


Quality: BS EN ISO 9001: 2000
Environmental: BS EN ISO 14001: 1996

Humber is a COMAH registered site and is therefore fully equipped to handle all manner of raw materials and chemicals

Humber – around the World

Humber products and services are supplied to over 30 countries worldwide through a global distribution network made up of both Omya Group companies and specialist national distributors.

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