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Multisperse - polymer bound rubber chemicals

Rubber Chemical Predispersions

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Multisperse® is a well-known range of rubber chemical predispersions produced at our purpose-built factory near Hull, England (Humber Plant).

Omya UK started manufacturing its first predispersed products nearly 30 years ago based on technology from Wrough and Loser of the USA. From these beginnings, we have developed our Multisperse® know-how to provide an extensive range of rubber chemicals available in a variety of polymer binder systems, product forms and packaging options.

Helping manufacturers of rubber goods improve product quality, consistency and safety

Multisperse® is used in the manufacture of a variety of rubber products from specialist applications, such as, printing blankets and rollers, to safety critical uses, such as, tyres and electrical power cables.

The benefits of Multisperse®  include:

  • Fast and thorough redispersibility in rubber compound
  • Enhanced product uniformity & quality – reduced rejects
  • More accurate weighing & faster mixing
  • Improved health & safety – reduced levels of hazards of fire, toxicity
  • Conformity to EU legislation on handling chemicals

The Multisperse® range of products enables rubber technologists to select the most appropriate chemical for their formulation. Our extensive range of products includes rubber curatives, such as, sulphurs, accelerators, and leads to more specialist products including flame retardants and compound stabilizers.

Multisperse - a range of rubber chemicals in slab or pellets form

An extensive range of rubber chemical predispersions

  • Accelerators
  • Curatives & stabilisers
  • Metal oxides
  • Blowing agents
  • Flame retardants
  • Desiccants

Multisperse® is also available in a choice of binders systems that includes EPDM, SBR, Nitrile, and polyisoprene, enabling formulators to select not only the right chemical for their compound, but also a binder system that won’t compromise performance.

Multisperse® – around the World

Multisperse® is supplied to over 30 countries worldwide through a global distribution network made up of both Omya Group companies and specialist national distributors. Over 80% of Multisperse® sales are to overseas customers.

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