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Garolite - high activity magnesium oxides

High activity magnesium oxides

Garolite® is a range of high activity and medium activity magnesium oxides widely used throughout the rubber and adhesives industries.

Preventing pre-vulcanisation in halogenated polymer systems

Magnesium oxide is primarily used as an acid acceptor for such polymers as polychloroprene, chlorosulfonated and chlorinated polyethylene, and fluoroelastomers to prevent pre-vulcanisation during the mixing and processing stages. In fluoropolymers magnesium oxide is often used in combination with calcium hydroxide (Fluorox® E).

Garolite® prevents compound pre-vulcanisation and helps maintain finished product consistency by providing uniform and reproducible cure characteristics.

Garolite® also finds application as a thickening agent in polyester resins.

The benefits of Garolite® include:

  • Neutralizing the acid by-products of vulcanisation in halogenated polymers
  • Improved finished product quality and consistency – reduced rejects
  • Non-discolouring – can be used in both black and coloured compounds
  • Cure control - high and medium activity grades available
  • Improved health & safety - substantially reduced levels of air-borne dust

Garolite® is available in bags and low melt sachets, either of standard weight or to customer specific requirements, thus making the handling and weighing process safer, easier and quicker.  

Garolite® is produced at our purpose-built factory near Hull, England (Humber Plant)

Garolite® - around the World

Garolite® is supplied to over 30 countries worldwide through a global distribution network made up of both Omya Group companies and specialist national distributors.

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