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Fluorox - fine calcium hydroxide powder

Fine calcium hydroxide powder

Fluorox® is a is a high quality calcium hydroxide widely used in the curing of fluoroelastomers.

Preventing pre-vulcanisation in fluoroelastomers (Bisphenol A cure systems)

Fluoroelastomers are high value polymers that find application in some of the most extreme conditions and consequently require compounding ingredients that are equally up for the challenge.

Fluorox® products are used as acid acceptors during the fluoroelastomer curing process for Bisphenol A cure systems, whilst at the same time also enhancing the polymer’s dry high temperature performance when in service. Fluorox® is often used in combination with both high and low activity magnesium oxides (Garolite®).

The benefits of Fluorox® include:

  • Neutralizing the acid by-products in fluoroelastomer cure systems
  • Improved finished product quality and consistency – reduced rejects
  • Enhanced dry high temperature performance in finished products
  • Improved health & safety – reduced levels of air-borne dust

Fluorox® is packaged in polyethylene sachets and polyethylene lined boxes to ensure maximum activity at the point of mixing.

Fluorox® is produced at our purpose-built factory near Hull, England (Humber Plant)

Fluorox® - around the World

Fluorox® is supplied to over 30 countries worldwide through a global distribution network made up of both Omya Group companies and specialist national distributors.

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