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Caloxol - calcium oxide desiccants

Calcium oxide desiccants

Caloxol® is a well known range of highly reactive, fine calcium oxides from Omya UK, a market leader in premium, desiccant powders. 

Caloxol® fulfils the demanding requirements of high moisture absorbency, good dispersion in the host compound, and ease of handling.

Eliminating excessive moisture and improving product quality, consistency and safety

Caloxol® is used in applications where excessive moisture in the rubber compound during the curing process can lead to porosity and irregular physical characteristics in the finished article. Due to the high temperatures required for the vulcanisation process, water starts to boil and blisters can form in the rubber. Caloxol is typically used in low pressure curing processes, such as those used to produce, automotive door seals and window seals.

Similarly in some plastics, such as PVC, high processing temperatures can also result in blistering. Also some plastics materials contain moisture sensitive ingredients that need to be protected. For instance, isocyanates will react preferentially with water in polyurethane systems.

The benefits of Caloxol® include:

  • High moisture absorbency
  • Improved productivity - more accurate weighing & faster mixing
  • Excellent dispersion characteristics in the host compound
  • Greater shelf life stability
  • Improved health & safety - substantially reduced levels of air-borne dust

Caloxol® calcium oxides are available in either 100% classified, powder form or lightly damped with a process oil, thus substantially reducing the risk of air-borne dust.  Caloxol® is also available in a variety of low melt packaging options, including customer specific requirements, further reducing the risk to exposure, whilst making the weighing and mixing process easier and quicker.

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Production of calcium oxide sachets, Humber Plant

Caloxol is produced at our purpose-built factory near Hull, England (Humber Plant) using an automated, production process able to provide grades to meet specific requirements for particle size top cut and distribution.

Caloxol® - around the World

Caloxol® is supplied to over 30 countries worldwide through a global distribution network made up of both Omya Group companies and specialist national distributors.

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