High quality products for the plastics and rubber industries


Omya UK Chemicals supplies a wide range of products and services to the global rubber and plastics industries.

Key products include:

  • Caloxol® – Premium calcium oxide desiccants
  • Fluorox® – Fine calcium hydroxide powder
  • Garolite®  – High and medium activity magnesium oxides
  • Multisperse®  – Extensive range of rubber chemical predispersions
  • Toll Services – Powder/liquid blending, repacking, sacheting

All products are made at our Humber plant, a dedicated facility based near Hull, UK which has both quality (ISO9001: 2000) and environmental (ISO 14001: 1996) accreditations.

Omya Chemicals only sources raw materials from major chemical and polymer producers whose processes and technology meet our exacting quality control standards.

Research and development

Research and development is supported by Omya UK’s Technical Centre which helps customers solve technical problems whether related to product development or processing.

Multisperse - a range of rubber chemicals in slab or pellets form

Omya UK's Technical Centre, nr. Hull, England

The Technical Centre houses six laboratories and a pilot plant, and incorporates comprehensive analytical and physical characterisation facilities.

A global distribution network

Our products are supplied to over 30 countries worldwide through a global distribution network made up of both Omya Group companies and specialist national distributors. To find out more about distribution arrangements in your region please contact us.

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