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Investment in a new sacheting line at Humber

Released: 01/10/2007

Investment in a new sacheting line at the Humber plant has increased capacity for Caloxol, Garolite and Fluorox.

The new line has been fully commissioned and has already shown an increase in productivity and efficiency. Sacheting is used to supply products in a variety of low melt packaging options ranging from 2-3kg down to 500g pack sizes, as well as customer specific requirements.

The benefits of sachets include ease of raw material handling, more efficient weighing processes and quicker and easier product mixing. The use of sachets also helps improve safety and environmental protection by reducing the risk of exposure to air-borne dust originating from handling chemical powders in the workplace.

Products currently produced in sachets include Caloxol (calcium oxide desiccants), Garolite (high activity magnesium oxides) and Fluorox (calcium hydroxide) - although our sacheting technology could be applied to a variety of other rubber chemicals and raw materials.

Planned future investment in the plant will further automate production processes and will push capacity to an all time high.

About our Humber Plant

All Omya UK chemical products are made at our Humber plant, a dedicated facility based near Hull, UK.

All our manufacturing processes are monitored and tightly controlled. The Humber plant has ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001: 1996 accreditations.

Humber is also a COMAH registered site and is therefore fully equipped to handle, store and process a wide range of chemical raw materials.

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